I make lenses out of words to help people see meaning in the surrounding world.


W. Cabal • Writer / Designer

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Writing as a Gardening Tool

I specialize in highlighting the necessity of art, design, and imagination for the thriving of our modern culture and way of living.

It’s from the choir of grieving acrylic painters, bi-racial watercolor artists, female work-wear makers, theologians of color, transgender community organizers, and many more culture-makers that I have heard a beautiful song being sung around us. It’s this golden vision of a world where everyone has a place and a voice that I am deeply interested in cultivating.

Where so much language has been used as ammunition - I’m interested breaking ideological machine guns to create shovels and rakes to garden our culture with. I intend to use my writing as a tool to help in the on-going effort to grow the mustard seeds of goodness from this world into thriving forests that bring inspiration and new life to the hearts and minds of our hurried and worn-out world.

I have worked with many culture makers from around the world, and I would love to work with you. If your brand, organization, or creative work shares a kindred spirit, please contact me. Let’s garden a different world with our tools, and plant the seeds of a better world with our lives.

EMAIL | cabal.walter@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM | @WalterCabal

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